Sweet Finds #7

Candy apples

Photo via flickr – buchman photo (www.buchmanphoto.com)

Sweet Finds is my weekly recap of things I find during my blog reading adventures that relate to art, creative-life, and just good old sweet stuff I think would be of interest to you. Just in case you happen to miss something while off on your own adventures!! It’s a short list this week, been crazy-busy with moving!

Sweet Reads

Sweet Summit

Sweet Stuff

2 Responses to “Sweet Finds #7”

  1. Hey Stacy! Thanks so much for including The Magic Hour here, but a quick correction – it was a guest post! So while it was on my blog, it was written by Monica McCarthy. Credit where credit is due :)

    LOVE the ‘staches and hats project, btw!

  2. stacy says:

    Hey Michelle! Fixed it! I read the whole guest post twice but for some reason my mind didn’t think guest post!! YAY for featuring great guest posters!

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