Animals In Hats

I give you Animals in Hats!

A painting series I unintentionally started as I am working on my 100 days of art! I’m hoping to paint many more of these, and will be slowly listing the originals and prints in my shop in the coming weeks. It was also just a coincidence that all of these animals start with the letter P. Pigs, Polar Bears, and Platypus’ oh my! :)

Puppy Party Collection


This was a fun one to create because I just love doggers! Fabric has been ordered and soon this print will be available on Spoonflower! I’m going to create some dog bandanas for Charlie (my silver lab), and hope to make some available in my shop very soon! Yay to productivity and finding moments to work these days.

Aussie Blooms Collection

It is safe to say I am addicted to pattern making. I still feel so new to this medium, I’m still figuring it all out, but overall I am so happy to see these come to life. The mock-ups really help me envision what they could be too!

Aussie Blooms Pattern Collection Mockup

April Showers


Just wanted to share what I have been working on lately. A little pattern collection inspired by April Showers, which thank goodness isn’t a blizzard and 30” of snow this year. I’ve recently started creating patterns with my illustrations and I am loving the process. Except a ton more to come. This also marks Day Three of my 100 Day Challenge. I will post a weekly recap here of that as I work on it, and this new collection is part of that challenge as well!

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

AutumnEquinoxArtboard 1.png

I’ve been so obsessed with making patterns lately. It is oddly so calming, fun, and there is just something about moving shapes around until they are just right that is so satisfying!

This is another one I created using my autumn leaves clip art. It has been so much fun just coming up with different autumn color schemes. I’ve known how to make patterns for some years now, but since getting a subscription to skillshare and taking some classes on there, I feel like it was just the refresher I needed. I just recently took Jessica Swift’s pattern camp, which I recommend to anyone interested in learning more about creating their own patterns!

Happy Autumn Everyone! :)