An Ecourse Is Coming, Yes You Heard that Right

owl Earlier this week I posted a little glimpse into the behind the scenes of my e-course filming on social media. To answer your question, yes I am working on bringing an e-course to life, and yes there has been a major learning curve. I am bringing my web design skills together with my art, and my newly discovered video skills to bring this baby to fruition. It is a huge undertaking doing all this by myself, but I am so happy with how things are going so far, and what is life without a few setbacks!

Here is a little backstory into why I am creating an e-course from start to finish all by myself...

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching this summer, and I always come back to the fact that I want to teach. When I was a little girl that was what I always chose for the what do you want to be when you grow-up question.  The thing is I was never a fan of school, and that is definitely not where I wanted to teach, so I meandered and got a degree in graphic design and printing. Though interestingly enough throughout my early adult years I’ve been a camp counselor at a sleepaway camp, where I was the art & crafts director. I’ve also been a teacher's aide, YMCA counselor, and helped teach bible school.  So why I have avoided teaching so much when it obviously keeps drawing me in, is beyond me.  Sometimes the path isn’t always straight, and that is ok because I have picked up so many skills along the way.

Long story short, I have decided since I am not going out to look for teaching opportunities at the moment, I can create something right here. All the information for my upcoming e-course will be available on December 3rd! Be sure to sign-up for my mailing list (on the sidebar) if you want to be the first to know more!