My Favorite Time of Year

macys christmas tree work christmas A little confession, I am a holiday nut. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and I tend to go into crafty, decorating, artmaking extravaganza mode right after Thanksgiving. I am often one of the nuts out on Black Friday, although living rurally this year has changed that. I’m proud to say that a very good chunk of my Christmas presents have been bought locally this year, from small businesses. It feels so good to support the businesses this time of year, and also put some money into the local economy.  

charlie and ezra by tree

I am looking forward to the coming weeks, and making up some cookies, dog treats, and decorating our house for its first Christmas. Having a little toddler around this year will make things even more magical. Last year with a three month old wasn’t the most exciting, but we still managed to have some fun. I’ll share with you in the coming weeks some of the recipes i’ve tried, Pinterest crafts, and how we decorated. For now you can check out my Pinterest board that I created and am adding to daily with fun projects I’d like to try!