Last year my word was Focus, and boy did it ever reach into every aspect of my life. 2015 was really a year where all my goals came into focus, I could finally see where I want to be headed and was able to really start buckling down and going after those goals with a focus that I never had before. It always amazes me how at the start of the new year I pick a word, and even if I forget about for most of the year it always finds its way into so many of my plans. So that brings me to this year's word. My word for 2016 this year is Flow! I was having such a hard time this past week finding a word, nothing had really struck a chord with me. Then as I was reading about other people's words for the year I came across this one and I just could not get it out of my head.

flow 2016 word

I definitely need more flow in my life, more of a lesson to me to go with the flow than anything, especially to be less stressed about all the little things, and truly embrace the pace of life. So I painted a little painting with the word on it, as I have done in the past, and it is currently sitting on my altar as a little daily reminder to bring more flow into my life.

What is your word this year?