Back to Basics

wooden flower I've been thinking a lot about how my blogging habits have changed over the years. Gone are the days where I had a desk job and was able to work diligently on my blog in my free time. Also gone are the days where it seemed like everyone was checking into each other blogs and they seemed like a great place to catch up with friends around the web. I still read my fair share of blogs, but definitely not like I used to. This blog has been mostly a place for me to share my latest art adventures with you, and I don't plan on changing that. I'd like to add some more stories though, a better look at the behind the scenes here. It is something I am working towards so very slowly.

I wish I had more art to share with you here, but it has been a month of focusing on family, health, and some side projects. I am making art, it just is not ready for prime time yet, and that is ok. I'm heading into week 27 of pregnancy and to be honest it has been an exhausting journey so far. Chasing a toddler added to the mix has not been helping my energy levels. Just know I'm not going anywhere, I'm slowly working towards some goals, and hopefully after this new baby arrives and life falls into a new rhythm I'll get it all figured out. :)

Drawing 101

New art has been slow in coming around here lately, but not for a lack of art being made. I've been super busy working on some new things, and haven't felt like sharing just yet. A little something to look forward too, and I do plan on sharing soon. I thought since it's been awhile since I've shared anything here that I would pop in and tell you a little story and some art. Back in my last year of college I finally got around to taking the art classes I needed to graduate. This included painting, drawing, and photography. I took these along with my final classes I needed for my Graphic Design BA. It was when I started diving into these finer art classes that a part of me sort of woke up. This was where I actually started to think that art was my thing, and even though graphic design is art, there was something I couldn't shake about actually creating things with brushes, pens, and ink.  It is why I'm working towards figuring out what type of illustration technique is my jive.

drawing 1

I had an amazing drawing teacher, and I was lucky enough to stumble into a painting class taught by him a few years after I graduated as well. His style of teaching and letting us find our lines, and being open to the looseness that is art, was what i've always chased after with my own art. I think some of my best work at the time came out of that class. These are just a few of the charcoal and ink drawings that I did back then. Hard to believe it's been more than a decade.

vacuum drawing shelf drawing

Into the Void

I've been sucked into a bit of a void lately, but it is a good one. The making art, spending time outside, eating lots of melon, and hanging with my main little man Ezra, that kinda void. birds

It has been so nice to spend time away from the computer, away from the feeling that it all has to be work and no fun. It is a shift for me to try to focus more on the little things in life, and there is so much new art coming soon, and new prints. I've been keeping up with my sketchbook, and actually reading books again. It is finding the time to buckle down and write a blog post, get things up in the shop, and do the work that has been tough. I'm working on finding the balance in it all, and I suppose that is all any of us are trying to do.

flower ring