The Alphabet Dance E-course - FREE

I have been so hard at work on re-editing all of my content from the original Alphabet Dance E-course I ran two years ago. I am happy to say it is done, and re-launched. It is a free class that is done via email. You sign-up, receive 30 days of emails, and with a little encouragement and pep talks along the way, you will complete 26 paintings.

It is a great way to get a head start on a series of paintings that are all cohesive and have a common theme. These paintings make the best gifts, can be turned into all sorts of things and are just so much fun to make.

I hope you’ll join me this time around, and have a blast making some art!

These are some of the paintings I created for The Alphabet Dance, and the projects I made with them.

Art Video: Sledding

sledding illustration
sledding illustration

This is the second video in this series of 12! I'm hoping to continue the video series with more art as I go, but for now just getting these 12 done is proving to be a challenge. I present to you Sledding! One of my favorite winter activities, too bad my son doesn't feel the same. Hoping next winter I can get him to go down a hill or two, he definitely is a cautious one, which I'm entirely ok with!