Christmas Card Traditions

2008 Christmas Card Since my favorite holiday is fast approaching, you can only imagine how much I'm trying to get done this month. With the launch of my Alphabet Dance E-course fast approaching and so much time and energy being put into my work, the holidays haven't been forgotten. The first thing on my agenda every year is our Christmas Card. I love this tradition, and I love getting little bits of love from all our friends and family at this time year through the mail. Since we don't get very much personal snail-mail it is so much fun to be bombarded with red and green envelopes!

For many years now I have always created our Christmas Card, it mostly started out with a photo of our adorable black labrador, CJ, and now has moved on to become a family affair. I know I could easily just send off a pic of my son, and maybe the dog too, but that just isn't as much fun. So family photo time it is. Here is a little look back through the years of the many cards I've created. I won't share this years just yet, it will be a little Christmas present for you curious types.

Christmas Card Collage

If you want to send some snail mail and also receive some throughout the year I highly recommend signing up for Love Notes by Jennifer Bethloff. It is a really fun project, and all you have to commit to is sending three notes over three weeks. Another round starts in January!