Spring Dreams

spring dreams Some new art to share with you today. This was inspired by the very slow start Spring seems to be having around here. It has been chilly and we are still in for a few more winter like days before Spring finally makes its arrival. So for now dreams of Spring dance in my head and spill out onto the page.


bird illustration girl with umbrella I've been a bit quiet around here lately, as I've been working playing in my studio a ton! I'm trying to nail down my style, and really pull together a cohesive portfolio, all in the name of getting some freelance illustration work. Yup, you read that right, I'm working towards that goal that I set for myself some ten long years ago. It was what started me down the path of art, and though I have been all over the map my love for creating illustrations hasn't wavered. The original drive is still there, and I thought it is about time to make this happen already.

bunnies spring dreaming









I hope you will join me on this continuing adventure, and enjoy some of the new changes along the way.