Art Video: Blanket Fort


I'm so excited about this illustration, it was so much fun to make. I loved making tents out of blankets, couch cushions, and anything else that was available when I was kid. It was so much to create another world inside of these forts. Once my brothers, cousins, and me created a blanket fort that spanned two rooms and a hallway, it even had places to look out that were perched higher up on the beds. It was such a blast, and we also liked to build these forts to have nerf wars as well. I'm looking forward to creating these for my kids, we already have done this a few times, but as they get bigger and we can make them more elaborate we will have so much fun I'm sure. Hopefully won't be too long until I get the next illustration and video done. This has been such a fun series to explore, and I can't wait to show you the completed Calendar when it is all done.

Art Video: Sledding

sledding illustration
sledding illustration

This is the second video in this series of 12! I'm hoping to continue the video series with more art as I go, but for now just getting these 12 done is proving to be a challenge. I present to you Sledding! One of my favorite winter activities, too bad my son doesn't feel the same. Hoping next winter I can get him to go down a hill or two, he definitely is a cautious one, which I'm entirely ok with!

Snowball Fight

snowball fight illustration
snowball fight illustration

I'm currently working on a calendar project. It is about childhood memories, and I've decided to start creating some videos to show the process behind the art. This is the first one, but I may end up having another go at it as I nail down the style I want to use throughout these illustrations.

Snowball fights were pretty epic when I was a kid, we would build forts, stockpile snowballs, and have these fights spanning three houses of kids. It was a ton of fun, and one of the many things I look forward to sharing with my own children.


Spring Dreams

spring dreams Some new art to share with you today. This was inspired by the very slow start Spring seems to be having around here. It has been chilly and we are still in for a few more winter like days before Spring finally makes its arrival. So for now dreams of Spring dance in my head and spill out onto the page.


bird illustration girl with umbrella I've been a bit quiet around here lately, as I've been working playing in my studio a ton! I'm trying to nail down my style, and really pull together a cohesive portfolio, all in the name of getting some freelance illustration work. Yup, you read that right, I'm working towards that goal that I set for myself some ten long years ago. It was what started me down the path of art, and though I have been all over the map my love for creating illustrations hasn't wavered. The original drive is still there, and I thought it is about time to make this happen already.

bunnies spring dreaming









I hope you will join me on this continuing adventure, and enjoy some of the new changes along the way.