VIDEO: Weekly Painting 2

This weeks painting was super simple, and I just let it flow as it has been a busy week! I am looking forward to spending more time on painting next week, and really starting to develop a work in more depth! For now though I will take it, and I actually quite like the simplicity of this piece.

How to Make Lighted Origami Jack O'Lanterns

These are super easy to make, and once you get the hang of it you'll be able to make dozens in a short time. An old manager taught me how to make these what seems like ages ago, and now I always have to make them every Halloween! It wasn't until this year that I added the lights, such a brilliant idea!

Watch the video below and get your pumpkin making groove on!

Other fun alternatives to the pumpkin:

  • use white paper and make ghosts
  • use green paper and make witches (can add a hat and broomstick too)
  • use white or yellow paper and paint black cats on the outside (make sure it's thin enough for the light to shine through)
  • cut patterns, or other shapes
  • can be used for a multitude of other holidays (christmas, easter, birthdays!)

Those are just a few of the ideas I came up with, but the possibilities are endless. Have and get creating!


stacy kathryn