Ten Ways to Ignite Your Creativity

Ten-Ways-Ignite-Creativity As I slowly let the brush push around the color on the paper, I realized just how much fun watercolors can be to play with. They are unexpected, and somewhat mysterious right up until the color actually dries.

This recent revelation came from my explorations into watercolor on my most recent round of The Alphabet Dance. I started the project as a way to keep me creating daily, and as I am in the middle of round 3, I’m finding it so inspiring and it has truly helped my momentum moving forward. I’ve been thinking of the many ways we ignite our creativity, and finding different ways to get a start on a new painting or project. So I thought I would share ten ways to ignite your creativity, and set that spark of inspiration on fire.


make art dailyStart a daily art project

Whether it be something like I’m doing with The Alphabet Dance, or even joining something like Art Everyday Month which is going on right now for the month of November. It is a great way to commit to creating daily.


create everywhereCreate Everywhere

Like to doodle on the side of your notes in a meeting? Or, snapping photos of something beautiful with your phone? It is that simple, I even like creating an art piece out of rocks collected on a morning walk. You can make art anywhere with anything.


cookCook Something

Try a new recipe, bake a cake, grill up some burgers. Cooking is a great way to ignite that creative fire. I always feel so inspired as I pull my latest creation out of the oven. Plus the bonus is you are creating something.


buy new suppliesPick up some new supplies

Colored pencils, markers, maybe even a coloring book! Anything that gets you excited about creating will do.



visit a museumVisit a Gallery or Museum

These are the best places to find inspiration, and get in touch with your inner-child. Maybe try going to one that you normally wouldn’t visit, or visiting one that is a little quirky like a wax or bug museum!


read a bookRead a Book

This is my favorite go to when i’m in need of a little jump start. A good old fiction mystery and my head is churning with ideas. Give it a go, I dare you!



draw 100 itemsDraw 100 Items In Your Home

A little notebook and a pencil will get you far, just start sketching any item you see around you in your home or office. You will be amazed at how you feel when you’ve drawn 100 items, and your drawing skills will be improved. Whether you do this in an hour, a day, or a week it still works. Give it a try!


try something newTry Something New

A new food, a new color, this could even be a new pair of jeans! Try it and see if you feel a little more inspired!



do a craftDo a Craft Project

Pinterest is crawling with easy and fun projects. With the holidays right around the corner getting a little crafty is perfect for those crisp fall nights and you might save a little and nothing feels better than giving someone special a handmade gift!


take a classTake a Class - Explore Something New

There are free courses on Creative Live that might interest you, or sign up for an e-course or class at your local art school or community college! This is a great way to get inspired by others, learn something new, and step outside your normal work.


A lot of these tips are meant to get you to try something you wouldn’t have thought of. Trying something new is probably one of the best ways to get excited and passionate again about your own thing! It is often fun to try something new because it gives you the chance to be a beginner again, the chance to make mistakes without any reservations. Its an approach that sometimes we all need to take to the things we view as routine and that we are old hats at! I’ve used many of these things in the past to help kickstart ideas for paintings, and often times I am so surprised at how much more passionate I am about it that I end up with triple the amount of finished art! Go ahead give one of these a try, and let me know how it goes! Triple dog dare you!


stacy kathryn