The Alphabet Dance

A fun, new exciting project I started over the summer called the Alphabet Dance is about to start its 3rd round. I'm wrapping up the birds this week, and next week flowers will be blooming!  I've been having so much fun with this little daily project. alphabet dance

I started this little project as a kick in the butt to get creating again and also so I could explore some different mediums. Working through this project from A-Z allows me the time to really get to know the process and dive in whole heartedly, because just dipping your toe in here and there doesn't give you a really good feeling as to whether this is something you will love or hate. If I am still interested in creating in that medium after 26 days then it will definitely become a part of my workflow.  So far I've done collage, digital illustration, and now i'm on to watercolors. I have learned so much already, and am figuring out new ways to bring these mediums into my own work. You can follow my progress over here on tumblr.