VIDEO: Weekly Painting 3

This week's painting started off amazing, I was really excited where it was headed, but when I showed up earlier today to finish it off I felt stuck. I painted the first thing I thought of, which happened to be birds and I'm still on the fence whether this painting is done. I am actually thinking of carrying it over to next week so I can dig into it a little bit more. I think that could be an exciting cliff-hanger!


VIDEO: Weekly Painting 2

This weeks painting was super simple, and I just let it flow as it has been a busy week! I am looking forward to spending more time on painting next week, and really starting to develop a work in more depth! For now though I will take it, and I actually quite like the simplicity of this piece.

VIDEO: Weekly Painting 1

I'm embarking on a new project that I started this week, a weekly painting that a video tape and show you each Friday. One of my goals this year is to paint 150 paintings, and this is just one of the ways that I am going to keep myself motivated! I also happen to be a huge fan of watching painting videos that are sped up. So here you go, hope you enjoy these...

I finished filming and then went back and added some text to the piece. This is the finished painting.

cherished moonlight tranquiliity